Electronic meter BINOM334i

A series of multifunctional transducers with the functionality of electric power meter, power quality meter and analyzer, remote control device.


BINOM3 it's a series of universal multifunctional electric power quality meters with such functions as:

  • Electric Network Characteristics Meter;
  • High Precision Energy Meter
  • Power Quality Analyzer  IEC 61 000-4-30 (Class A), IEC 61 000-4-7 (Class I),                    IEC 61 000-4-15, GOST 32144-2013, GOST 32145-2013, GOST R 8.655
  • Oscilloscope Transient Recorder
  • Substation Controller with Discrete Inputs and Relay Outputs
  • Large-Scale Communication Capabilities and Web Access
    to all Data Of The Device



Electronic meter BINOM334i